Sunrise on the Scavenger Lands

Session 7

A Small Measure of Redemption

After Silver-Maned Mountain’s wounds had healed, he and Previdicus decided on a more direct approach in uncovering Salmalin’s presence within the city. Frustrated by their previous failures, the two directly entered the tavern where Silver-Maned Mountain had previously witnessed Salmalin hitmen exit from previously. Previdicus asked a female bartender about the assassin’s guild in a direct and ham-fisted manner, but she publicly gave an excuse for the two of them to speak together in private. She revealed that the tavern was host to many of their operatives, at the owner’s behest. Previdicus urged her to leave the scene before violence would ensue.

Silver-Maned Mountain and Previdicus then began to pick a fight with several visible Salmalin operatives. SMM up-turned their table and punched several of them to death while a couple others assaulted Previdicus. One of the men blew on a whistle, which had the effect of summoning clawed hands tearing down a wall in the tavern and revealing three scorpion demons and a blowing sandstorm behind them. The cultists made several prayers to Cecelyne as they lay dying, and the duo fought the demons. Eventually the fight relocated and ended in the street in front of the now-burning tavern, the presence of the demons plain to see. Previdicus offered an oratory speech about the glory and protection of the Unconquered Sun to the amassed crowd. A man named Ljuba asked questions of the two heroes, while also cryptically name-dropping and suggesting where they might want to go next. He mentioned that the assassin’s guild was run by an entity known as Sondok, and that the girl, Silla, had been relocated far to the southwest, in the city of Chiaroscuro. Curious and not wanted to leave loose ends un-tied, the two decided to head towards the distant city.

However, not long after their departure, a flash lit up the sky on the 14th of Descending Water, laying waste to the relatively close lands of Thorns. Word soon spread that the Realm’s defense grid had been activated, and that the re-emergence of the Scarlet Empress was all too real.

Session ended on 14th of Descending Water.

Session 6

Scooby and Shaggy’s persistence finally paid off when Silla returned to the bar. Following her home into the Tellnaught neighborhood in the Firewander district, they ran into some trouble with the neighborhood watch in the form of the Unseeing Eye, the Salmalin. Not wishing to cause a disturbance the heroes tried to play off their presence as if they interested in the neighborhood as a whole. Unfortunately they weren’t very convincing.

Silver-Maned Mountain trailed an urchin back to the local barracks where he witnessed reinforcements gather and head in the direction he had just come. The thugs warned them that they would be better served conducting any business they had during the day time. The next day, the duo returned, but were unsuccessful in gaining any new insight from Silla. Feeling lost, they sent word back to cult for new instructions.

However, the next move was not to be there own, and they came under attack in the night by Salmalin assassins. The fight saw Silver-Maned Mountain pushed to the edge of Death’s door, but his Lunar resilience brought him roaring back to the fight. In the end, the Akuma leader was dead, though he ordered his men to retreat, and the heroes were suffering from the Yozi venom laced attacks. Once more, Silver-Maned Mountain found himself on Death’s door, though, once again, he was merely passing through. This time though, his recovery had to take the much longer, more natural route.

Previdicus took Silver-Maned Mountain to the Temple of the Unconquered Sun, where he stood watch over his fallen friend. Finally receiving word from the Cult advising him to lay low until they were recuperated.

14th of Ascending Water, RY 769.

Session 5

Dial ‘M’ for Murder

The two Exalts returned to Nexus after their sojourn to Mount Metagalapa. They had been informed of a growing assassin’s guild with Infernal influences by their allies in the Cult of the Illuminated, and began their search for the guild. Direct evidence to the guild was understandably not forth-coming, but they did hear of a recent assassination of a prominent Governor of the city by the name of Seuwensou. They found out that the Governor had disagreements with his son, Sunof Seuwensou, regarding the son’s choice of a lover, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, named Silla. They tracked down her whereabouts and discovered she frequented a particular bar located near one of the pockets of the Wyld still in the city. Previdicus approached her for information, but she did not relent much information. Silver-Maned Mountain snuck into the Governor’s mansion and consumed a journal, revealing to him details of an assassination contract that the governor himself had attempted to put out against his son’s lover. Silver-Maned Mountain attempted to find and follow Silla while Previdicus spoke with Sunof. It was discovered that apparently the assassin’s guild had disagreed with the mark being placed on her, as she had her own connections to their establishment, so they took it upon themselves to eliminate the governor.

Additionally, unrelated to the search, Silver-Maned Mountain and Previdicus encountered a Fair Folk bard within the tavern they were staking out. The bard would play music and entice audience members to follow him back into the pocket of the Wyld. Previdicus refused to do so, but Silver-Maned Mountain went along with the bard, and learned how to play an instrument as a result (I’m sure there was more to it than that, that’s just what I remember :p)

At the end of the session it was Ascending Air 26, RY 769.

Session 4
Weeding Out Infernal Influences
  • Wisdom of the Lost World introduced the duo to a Sidereal going by the name Vakava, who was to accompany them on their journey to Mount Metagalapa.
  • Once they reached the mountain, the duo was introduced to many other exalts, notably Stern Sensei and Envenomed Thorn, who would play major roles in later events.
  • The duo were immediately set into training regiments as they were indoctrinated to the cause of the Cult of the Illuminated. The Silver-Maned Mountain volunteered his services as a blacksmith sculpting religious symbols. Previdicus spent time with Vakava and Cathak Jeriah.
  • During their stay, Silver-Maned Mountain was approached by Envenomed Thorn and warned of her distrust of the Cult. She revealed to him that she was in possession of a book entitled “The Broke-Winged Crane”, and how the Cult wanted to take it from her. Silver-Maned Mountain, being illiterate, could not understand why someone would find such a book a threat. He took this information to Previdicus, who intern felt they should warn Stern Sensei.
  • Envenomed Thorn had gone missing and Stern Sensei tasked the duo to track her down. After many fruitless investigations, the duo finally caught a break when the detected traces of acid erosion in her room, they brought in Stern Sensei to see if he could find any more clues, to which he made the dastardly discovery that Envenomed Thorn had left a demon in her room, presumably as a trap to any that may find her tracks.
  • After a brief battle, the demon lay dead, and a small tunnel was discovered that seemed to be the only lead in where Envenomed Thorn may have disappeared . Silver-Maned Mountain needed to find a smaller form to be able to venture down the small tunnel. Taking the form of a house cat, he bravely ventured on alone, eventually finding his way to a large room connected only by similarly small tunnels.
  • In this room he found Envenomed Thorn, who’s mind had been shattered by the evil relic. Unsure of how to approach her in this state, Silver-Maned Mountain tried revealing himself to her, but she continued on as if she didn’t even recognize he was in the room with her. After some time she threw down the book, at which point Silver-Maned Mountain rushed forth and stole the book from her, he quickly made his way back to the others and presented the book, which burst into flames and dissolved on the floor at their feet.
  • Stern Sensei informed Silver-Maned Mountain that Envenomed Thorn may only have minutes left before she would be lost forever, so he once more rushed back to the room to see if he could convince her to come with him. However when he reached the chamber she had ripped open a portal to hell, and through it a new demon emerged. Silver-Maned Mountain quickly snapped into action, though the demon saw him coming and attempted to strike first. Silver-Maned Mountain made quick work of the Demon but was then attacked by the enraged Envenomed Thorn. He struck back and nearly killed her with his first strike, and opted to hold back on his follow up, though, it would still prove too much killing her.
  • At this point, Silver-Maned Mountain would discover that he had not come away from the close encounters with the demons unscathed, he had been afflicted with cannibalism, and strangely, a similar effect that targeted written works instead of flesh, gleaning all the information contained within. He was overwhelmed by the urge to consume Envisioned Thorn’s body and as such, not much was left of her to even concern him of how he would need to get her out of the chamber.
  • Concluding their stay with the Cult, the duo were asked to perform oaths of dedication to the Cult. The Cult swore to provide support and aid where they could to the duo in their continued journeys. Previdicus swore to… Silver-Maned Mountain swore to continue to aid Previdicus in his efforts against the enemies of Creation, and to uphold the teachings of the Cult, which he had become intimately familiar with after consuming on of the Cult’s holy texts.
Session 3

A Buzz in the Air

  • Silver-Maned Mountain and Previdicus set out to assist Exquisite Corpse Painter in the take-down of the hive colony behemoth. ECP set parts of the behemoth’s colony ablaze with lit arrows, and his army of zombies began fighting the soldier drones that amassed in retaliation. Eventually, an abomination with the traits of a wasp, a bear, and a serpent burst from the colony and increasingly grew in size as the protagonists began their assault. They did minor amounts of damage to it before it flew to the air and unleashed a ferocious swarm attack that knocked ECP unconscious and did grievous harm to Previdicus. Thankfully, Silver-Maned Mountain had launched himself onto the creature’s back, and with a mighty blow he felled the creature. ECP was found unconscious but alive, with a strange condition in which he seemed to be oozing honey from his mouth. Before departing back to Nexus (leaving the enormous behemoth carcass alive), they searched the remains of the colony and found a slender wasp-needle-shaped rapier.
  • Upon reaching Nexus, Previdicus sought out a healer and found someone in a ramshackle part of town. The man diagnosed ECP as suffering from a curse, but Previdicus did not believe his claims that he could heal him. Instead he took him to the Temple of the Unconquered Sun. Upon asking for their aid in treating ECP, he also displayed his anima, revealing his nature, and they fell to reverence before him. A Dragon King priest by the name of Wisdom of a Lost World introduced himself, expressed his delight in meeting a Solar, and made mention of a gathering of pro-Solar elements to the north-east, near Mount Metagalopa. He also made a personal request that effort be made to raise back to civilization the remnants of the Dragon Kings in the city of Rathess, should the group ever be in the area.
  • Before fully embarking on the way to Mount Metagalopa, the pair revisited the Forest of Arms to meet with the Raksha Medeauagon and attempt to negotiate the return of Previdicus’s panoply. Upon noticing the rapier they had recovered from the slain behemoth, which she identified as the Sword of the Honey Slumber/ Moon-Mad Hive Soul, she was more than eager to trade. Additionally, she and Previdicus consummated the deal; what long-term results may occur from such a pairing Previdicus is unaware.

The end of the Session was 10th day of Ascending Fire.

Session 2
Chance Encounter on the Open Plains
  • The Silver-Maned Mountain crafted a perfect spear to replace Previdicus’s stolen weapon. In the process The Silver-Maned Mountain channeled part of himself into the spear to increase it’s power.
  • Previdicus bartered for a replacement suit of armor, and managed to trade in the Jade Daiklave for a Jade Breastplate. He also procured a tower shield.
  • Previdicus reported the failure of the contract and the loss of the client to One Tooth Prince. One Tooth Prince was less than happy at the news, and even less so at Previdicus’s attempt to make him think it was a good thing, though he was appeased when Previdicus turned over his share of the sale of the slaves as compensation for the loss of pay on the contract. One Tooth Prince informed Previdicus that there was no available work at the time.
  • With the lack of work, the duo set out to find some “big game” in hopes to turn a profit. They set out east of Nexus. A few days into their journey, they came across a large earthen mound, when they moved closer to investigate, they were attacked by a pack of poisonous wasp-like creatures. After fighting off the aggressive creatures, the duo withdrew to a safer position to recover from the encounter. At which time they decided to avoid further confrontation with the mound and prepared to set out in a different direction.
  • A few nights after the encounter with the mound, a man approached their camp in the middle of the night. He introduced himself as Exquisite Corpse Painter, and that he was from the city of Sijan. He informed the duo that his master had requested him to capture the behemoth that dwells within the mound, and that he had seen how capable the duo was at fighting off the mounds defenders. He hoped to procure the services of the duo to aid him in his pursuit of the behemoth, to which the duo agreed. They planned to make a move on the mound the following night, aided by an army led by Exquisite Corpse Painter.
Session 1
A Wyld Beginning
  • Previdicus was offered a mercenary contract from One Tooth Prince to locate a lost “supply” shipment owned by a small-time competitor to the Guild.
  • Previdicus and The Silver-Maned Mountain set off to find the caravan, taking an off-the-beaten path route.
  • The two wandered into a patch of the Wyld inhabited by the Fae Folk Medeaugon, the Serpent-Shaped Witch of the Forest of Arms. She had been traded the “cargo” of slaves in return for the slave master’s safe passage from the forest. Previdicus engaged her in negotiations, and she would only allow for the release of the slaves in equal exchange. Previdicus also had his artifact shield taken from him as “collateral” for safe passage out of the forest.
  • The two made their way to Great Forks, where they sought out the slave master. The two stormed his estate, beat up a few guards, knocked the slave master unconscious, looted a Jade daiklave and some currency, and returned with him to the Forest of Arms
  • The attempted bargain and trade was insufficient, and the two decided to attack Medeaugon in an attempt to free the captured slaves. Previdicus’s remaining artifacts (and hearthstone) were stolen from him, rendering him fairly useless, while Silver-Maned Mountain successfully attacked Medeaugon until she disappeared, taking the artifacts, but not the slaves, with her.
  • Upon asking the slaves as to the slave master’s fate, Previdicus obeyed their wishes and executed him swiftly. They then returned the slaves to Great Falls, where they found another slave owner who had a reputation for relative benevolence towards his slaves. Though not a perfect solution, it was better than the alternative of letting them fend for themselves in the streets. They then returned to Nexus.

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