Sunrise on the Scavenger Lands

Session 1

A Wyld Beginning

  • Previdicus was offered a mercenary contract from One Tooth Prince to locate a lost “supply” shipment owned by a small-time competitor to the Guild.
  • Previdicus and The Silver-Maned Mountain set off to find the caravan, taking an off-the-beaten path route.
  • The two wandered into a patch of the Wyld inhabited by the Fae Folk Medeaugon, the Serpent-Shaped Witch of the Forest of Arms. She had been traded the “cargo” of slaves in return for the slave master’s safe passage from the forest. Previdicus engaged her in negotiations, and she would only allow for the release of the slaves in equal exchange. Previdicus also had his artifact shield taken from him as “collateral” for safe passage out of the forest.
  • The two made their way to Great Forks, where they sought out the slave master. The two stormed his estate, beat up a few guards, knocked the slave master unconscious, looted a Jade daiklave and some currency, and returned with him to the Forest of Arms
  • The attempted bargain and trade was insufficient, and the two decided to attack Medeaugon in an attempt to free the captured slaves. Previdicus’s remaining artifacts (and hearthstone) were stolen from him, rendering him fairly useless, while Silver-Maned Mountain successfully attacked Medeaugon until she disappeared, taking the artifacts, but not the slaves, with her.
  • Upon asking the slaves as to the slave master’s fate, Previdicus obeyed their wishes and executed him swiftly. They then returned the slaves to Great Falls, where they found another slave owner who had a reputation for relative benevolence towards his slaves. Though not a perfect solution, it was better than the alternative of letting them fend for themselves in the streets. They then returned to Nexus.


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