Sunrise on the Scavenger Lands

Session 2

Chance Encounter on the Open Plains

  • The Silver-Maned Mountain crafted a perfect spear to replace Previdicus’s stolen weapon. In the process The Silver-Maned Mountain channeled part of himself into the spear to increase it’s power.
  • Previdicus bartered for a replacement suit of armor, and managed to trade in the Jade Daiklave for a Jade Breastplate. He also procured a tower shield.
  • Previdicus reported the failure of the contract and the loss of the client to One Tooth Prince. One Tooth Prince was less than happy at the news, and even less so at Previdicus’s attempt to make him think it was a good thing, though he was appeased when Previdicus turned over his share of the sale of the slaves as compensation for the loss of pay on the contract. One Tooth Prince informed Previdicus that there was no available work at the time.
  • With the lack of work, the duo set out to find some “big game” in hopes to turn a profit. They set out east of Nexus. A few days into their journey, they came across a large earthen mound, when they moved closer to investigate, they were attacked by a pack of poisonous wasp-like creatures. After fighting off the aggressive creatures, the duo withdrew to a safer position to recover from the encounter. At which time they decided to avoid further confrontation with the mound and prepared to set out in a different direction.
  • A few nights after the encounter with the mound, a man approached their camp in the middle of the night. He introduced himself as Exquisite Corpse Painter, and that he was from the city of Sijan. He informed the duo that his master had requested him to capture the behemoth that dwells within the mound, and that he had seen how capable the duo was at fighting off the mounds defenders. He hoped to procure the services of the duo to aid him in his pursuit of the behemoth, to which the duo agreed. They planned to make a move on the mound the following night, aided by an army led by Exquisite Corpse Painter.


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