Sunrise on the Scavenger Lands

A Buzz in the Air

  • Silver-Maned Mountain and Previdicus set out to assist Exquisite Corpse Painter in the take-down of the hive colony behemoth. ECP set parts of the behemoth’s colony ablaze with lit arrows, and his army of zombies began fighting the soldier drones that amassed in retaliation. Eventually, an abomination with the traits of a wasp, a bear, and a serpent burst from the colony and increasingly grew in size as the protagonists began their assault. They did minor amounts of damage to it before it flew to the air and unleashed a ferocious swarm attack that knocked ECP unconscious and did grievous harm to Previdicus. Thankfully, Silver-Maned Mountain had launched himself onto the creature’s back, and with a mighty blow he felled the creature. ECP was found unconscious but alive, with a strange condition in which he seemed to be oozing honey from his mouth. Before departing back to Nexus (leaving the enormous behemoth carcass alive), they searched the remains of the colony and found a slender wasp-needle-shaped rapier.
  • Upon reaching Nexus, Previdicus sought out a healer and found someone in a ramshackle part of town. The man diagnosed ECP as suffering from a curse, but Previdicus did not believe his claims that he could heal him. Instead he took him to the Temple of the Unconquered Sun. Upon asking for their aid in treating ECP, he also displayed his anima, revealing his nature, and they fell to reverence before him. A Dragon King priest by the name of Wisdom of a Lost World introduced himself, expressed his delight in meeting a Solar, and made mention of a gathering of pro-Solar elements to the north-east, near Mount Metagalopa. He also made a personal request that effort be made to raise back to civilization the remnants of the Dragon Kings in the city of Rathess, should the group ever be in the area.
  • Before fully embarking on the way to Mount Metagalopa, the pair revisited the Forest of Arms to meet with the Raksha Medeauagon and attempt to negotiate the return of Previdicus’s panoply. Upon noticing the rapier they had recovered from the slain behemoth, which she identified as the Sword of the Honey Slumber/ Moon-Mad Hive Soul, she was more than eager to trade. Additionally, she and Previdicus consummated the deal; what long-term results may occur from such a pairing Previdicus is unaware.

The end of the Session was 10th day of Ascending Fire.


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