Sunrise on the Scavenger Lands

Session 4

Weeding Out Infernal Influences

  • Wisdom of the Lost World introduced the duo to a Sidereal going by the name Vakava, who was to accompany them on their journey to Mount Metagalapa.
  • Once they reached the mountain, the duo was introduced to many other exalts, notably Stern Sensei and Envenomed Thorn, who would play major roles in later events.
  • The duo were immediately set into training regiments as they were indoctrinated to the cause of the Cult of the Illuminated. The Silver-Maned Mountain volunteered his services as a blacksmith sculpting religious symbols. Previdicus spent time with Vakava and Cathak Jeriah.
  • During their stay, Silver-Maned Mountain was approached by Envenomed Thorn and warned of her distrust of the Cult. She revealed to him that she was in possession of a book entitled “The Broke-Winged Crane”, and how the Cult wanted to take it from her. Silver-Maned Mountain, being illiterate, could not understand why someone would find such a book a threat. He took this information to Previdicus, who intern felt they should warn Stern Sensei.
  • Envenomed Thorn had gone missing and Stern Sensei tasked the duo to track her down. After many fruitless investigations, the duo finally caught a break when the detected traces of acid erosion in her room, they brought in Stern Sensei to see if he could find any more clues, to which he made the dastardly discovery that Envenomed Thorn had left a demon in her room, presumably as a trap to any that may find her tracks.
  • After a brief battle, the demon lay dead, and a small tunnel was discovered that seemed to be the only lead in where Envenomed Thorn may have disappeared . Silver-Maned Mountain needed to find a smaller form to be able to venture down the small tunnel. Taking the form of a house cat, he bravely ventured on alone, eventually finding his way to a large room connected only by similarly small tunnels.
  • In this room he found Envenomed Thorn, who’s mind had been shattered by the evil relic. Unsure of how to approach her in this state, Silver-Maned Mountain tried revealing himself to her, but she continued on as if she didn’t even recognize he was in the room with her. After some time she threw down the book, at which point Silver-Maned Mountain rushed forth and stole the book from her, he quickly made his way back to the others and presented the book, which burst into flames and dissolved on the floor at their feet.
  • Stern Sensei informed Silver-Maned Mountain that Envenomed Thorn may only have minutes left before she would be lost forever, so he once more rushed back to the room to see if he could convince her to come with him. However when he reached the chamber she had ripped open a portal to hell, and through it a new demon emerged. Silver-Maned Mountain quickly snapped into action, though the demon saw him coming and attempted to strike first. Silver-Maned Mountain made quick work of the Demon but was then attacked by the enraged Envenomed Thorn. He struck back and nearly killed her with his first strike, and opted to hold back on his follow up, though, it would still prove too much killing her.
  • At this point, Silver-Maned Mountain would discover that he had not come away from the close encounters with the demons unscathed, he had been afflicted with cannibalism, and strangely, a similar effect that targeted written works instead of flesh, gleaning all the information contained within. He was overwhelmed by the urge to consume Envisioned Thorn’s body and as such, not much was left of her to even concern him of how he would need to get her out of the chamber.
  • Concluding their stay with the Cult, the duo were asked to perform oaths of dedication to the Cult. The Cult swore to provide support and aid where they could to the duo in their continued journeys. Previdicus swore to… Silver-Maned Mountain swore to continue to aid Previdicus in his efforts against the enemies of Creation, and to uphold the teachings of the Cult, which he had become intimately familiar with after consuming on of the Cult’s holy texts.


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