Sunrise on the Scavenger Lands

Session 6

Scooby and Shaggy’s persistence finally paid off when Silla returned to the bar. Following her home into the Tellnaught neighborhood in the Firewander district, they ran into some trouble with the neighborhood watch in the form of the Unseeing Eye, the Salmalin. Not wishing to cause a disturbance the heroes tried to play off their presence as if they interested in the neighborhood as a whole. Unfortunately they weren’t very convincing.

Silver-Maned Mountain trailed an urchin back to the local barracks where he witnessed reinforcements gather and head in the direction he had just come. The thugs warned them that they would be better served conducting any business they had during the day time. The next day, the duo returned, but were unsuccessful in gaining any new insight from Silla. Feeling lost, they sent word back to cult for new instructions.

However, the next move was not to be there own, and they came under attack in the night by Salmalin assassins. The fight saw Silver-Maned Mountain pushed to the edge of Death’s door, but his Lunar resilience brought him roaring back to the fight. In the end, the Akuma leader was dead, though he ordered his men to retreat, and the heroes were suffering from the Yozi venom laced attacks. Once more, Silver-Maned Mountain found himself on Death’s door, though, once again, he was merely passing through. This time though, his recovery had to take the much longer, more natural route.

Previdicus took Silver-Maned Mountain to the Temple of the Unconquered Sun, where he stood watch over his fallen friend. Finally receiving word from the Cult advising him to lay low until they were recuperated.

14th of Ascending Water, RY 769.


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