Sunrise on the Scavenger Lands

Session 7

A Small Measure of Redemption

After Silver-Maned Mountain’s wounds had healed, he and Previdicus decided on a more direct approach in uncovering Salmalin’s presence within the city. Frustrated by their previous failures, the two directly entered the tavern where Silver-Maned Mountain had previously witnessed Salmalin hitmen exit from previously. Previdicus asked a female bartender about the assassin’s guild in a direct and ham-fisted manner, but she publicly gave an excuse for the two of them to speak together in private. She revealed that the tavern was host to many of their operatives, at the owner’s behest. Previdicus urged her to leave the scene before violence would ensue.

Silver-Maned Mountain and Previdicus then began to pick a fight with several visible Salmalin operatives. SMM up-turned their table and punched several of them to death while a couple others assaulted Previdicus. One of the men blew on a whistle, which had the effect of summoning clawed hands tearing down a wall in the tavern and revealing three scorpion demons and a blowing sandstorm behind them. The cultists made several prayers to Cecelyne as they lay dying, and the duo fought the demons. Eventually the fight relocated and ended in the street in front of the now-burning tavern, the presence of the demons plain to see. Previdicus offered an oratory speech about the glory and protection of the Unconquered Sun to the amassed crowd. A man named Ljuba asked questions of the two heroes, while also cryptically name-dropping and suggesting where they might want to go next. He mentioned that the assassin’s guild was run by an entity known as Sondok, and that the girl, Silla, had been relocated far to the southwest, in the city of Chiaroscuro. Curious and not wanted to leave loose ends un-tied, the two decided to head towards the distant city.

However, not long after their departure, a flash lit up the sky on the 14th of Descending Water, laying waste to the relatively close lands of Thorns. Word soon spread that the Realm’s defense grid had been activated, and that the re-emergence of the Scarlet Empress was all too real.

Session ended on 14th of Descending Water.


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