Golden Panoply


Orichalcum Breastplate:
Soak: 12L/11B
Hardness: 9L/9B
Mobility Rating: -1
Fatigue: 1
Attunnement Cost: 4

Orichalcum Thunderbolt Shield:
Mobility Penalty: 0
Fatigue 0
Attunement Cost: 5

Orichalcum Dire Lance:
Speed: 5
Accuracy: 3
Damage: 8L / 12L Charging
Defense: 3
Rate: 3
Attunement Cost: 5


This set of arms and armor were once those of a Solar of the 1st Age, although his identity was not discernible to Previdicus when he took refuge within the manse that housed these artifacts. He sensed that he had been guided to the location through a series of dreams, and he suspects that this person could have been his original exaltation. The shield and armor are made out of orichalcum and have a pristine sheen regardless of circumstances that may have dirtied or bloodied them.

Golden Panoply

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