Chosen of the Unconquered Sun

Jnani the Radiant

A young Eclipse caste Solar encountered at Mount Metagalapa as a participant in the Cult of the Illuminated. He sealed the solemn oaths of duty respectively made by Silver-Maned Mountain and Previdicus.


A young Solar Exalt of the Zenith caste. He has embraced his new existence as a call for change of the established order of Creation. A valiant warrior and self-appointed defender of the oppressed. He is an earnest believer in the holy mission of the Unconquered Sun and his mission to protect Creation from those who would destroy it. As a refugee from his homeland in the North, he has lived in the Scavenger Lands as a mercenary in order to get by, but has begun to aim for loftier goals. Aided by his best friend and lunar-bonded companion, Silver-Maned Mountain.

Chosen of the Unconquered Sun

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