Sneak Peek at 2.5 Social Combat Errata

Natural Mental Influence

Characters cannot be forced to spend Willpower more than once within a scene to resist natural mental influence originating with the same character.

Unnatural Mental Influence

Unnatural mental influence does not clearly announce itself as invasive mind control unless it comes from an Obvious source and fails to affect the targeted character—characters targeted even by Obvious unnatural mental influence only realize this fact once they have successfully resisted it (although bystanders who witness the Charm’s use can tell the target is being subjected to mental coercion of some sort).

New Solar Character Generation Rules – from Ink Monkeys, 35

• Players may raise any of their character’s abilities to five without spending bonus points.
• Players receive four dots of specialties to distribute amongst their character’s abilities.
• Willpower starts at a base of 5 and is not automatically increased based on your virtue ratings; the two categories are not inter-linked anymore.
• Virtues and Willpower both cost 1 Bonus point to raise.
• Characters may start with (Willpower + Compassion) Intimacies without spending bonus points.
• When selecting Charms, players no longer need to choose at least five Charms from Caste or Favored abilities. The character may start with any ten Charms she meets the prerequisites for.
• Charms cost 4 bonus points, 3 if within a Caste or Favored Ability.
• Players receive 18 bonus points at character creation.
• These changes also apply to Abyssal and Infernal character creation.


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