The epitome of urban nightmare, the Wyld zone at its heart still spits out horrors to plague the city.

An urban hell of rickety buildings, makeshift stalls, gang warfare, Wyld-spawned monsters and worse, Firewander is generally inhabited only by those who have no choice in the matter, either through poverty or violence. Scant trade occurs here, and most of that would be illegal anywhere else in the Scavenger Lands and is frowned upon by the “upright” citizenry of Nexus itself, but the denizens make do with what they have.

Session 4 Update:

Verpuviai, Whose Melodies Consume, is a raksha Luminary who lives within the Firewander district. He has made quite an impression on the Silver-Maned Mountain! Verpuviai crafted a Cup Grace after having been enchanted by the No Moon himself.


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