Sunrise on the Scavenger Lands

Session 5

Dial ‘M’ for Murder

The two Exalts returned to Nexus after their sojourn to Mount Metagalapa. They had been informed of a growing assassin’s guild with Infernal influences by their allies in the Cult of the Illuminated, and began their search for the guild. Direct evidence to the guild was understandably not forth-coming, but they did hear of a recent assassination of a prominent Governor of the city by the name of Seuwensou. They found out that the Governor had disagreements with his son, Sunof Seuwensou, regarding the son’s choice of a lover, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, named Silla. They tracked down her whereabouts and discovered she frequented a particular bar located near one of the pockets of the Wyld still in the city. Previdicus approached her for information, but she did not relent much information. Silver-Maned Mountain snuck into the Governor’s mansion and consumed a journal, revealing to him details of an assassination contract that the governor himself had attempted to put out against his son’s lover. Silver-Maned Mountain attempted to find and follow Silla while Previdicus spoke with Sunof. It was discovered that apparently the assassin’s guild had disagreed with the mark being placed on her, as she had her own connections to their establishment, so they took it upon themselves to eliminate the governor.

Additionally, unrelated to the search, Silver-Maned Mountain and Previdicus encountered a Fair Folk bard within the tavern they were staking out. The bard would play music and entice audience members to follow him back into the pocket of the Wyld. Previdicus refused to do so, but Silver-Maned Mountain went along with the bard, and learned how to play an instrument as a result (I’m sure there was more to it than that, that’s just what I remember :p)

At the end of the session it was Ascending Air 26, RY 769.


benjaminbeard KevinHill

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